Driver Safety

Coming Soon

This page will eventually contain two presentations. The first will be directed to new drivers, and the second will be for the parents of young new drivers.

When your children reach the age to drive you as a parent must make sure that they are ready to assume the responsibility. Please follow this link NHTSA to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The link will take you to the Teen Driver Safety page, please read through the page and all of it's links. Once you fully understand you will be able to help and educate your children.

As parents we have more influence on our children than we know. It is not just the words we speak, but the actions we perform in front of our children. Think of that the next time you get behind the wheel with your cup of coffee, your cell phone, and your cigarette. If your drive responsibly with your children in the car odds are that they will act more responsible when they begin to drive.