This site is for anyone that has been the victim of an automobile crash caused by an individual driving illegally or dangerously. When we say driving illegally we mean, driving without a license (unlicensed) or driving with a suspended or revoked license. Operating without insurance (uninsured). Operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI or DUI). When we say driving dangerously we mean speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, drifting across lanes, going through STOP signs and RED LIGHTS, and probably the biggest contributing factor today to most crashes, are people who are driving distracted. Whether the distraction is caused by talking or texting on a cell phone, looking for the next cd to listen to, etc. In short those described above are dangerous drivers. They pose a threat to every other driver on the road.

7 Years and counting...

We are now seven years along since the crash that changed out lives, and no closer to having new laws on the books in New York. When we first contacted our state representatives, (Assemblywomen Ginny Fields, and Senator John Flanagan) they did introduce legislative bills in both houses, we thought the bills were going to pass and become law. Well we were new at this and very naive. In the 2010 election Ginny Fields was defeated by Al Graf. Mr. Graf is a former teacher, and a criminal defense lawyer. I am going to be reaching out to the Assemblyman again to ask him to support the legislation. I am hoping that he will see the numbers and want to help create a new law to stop the insanity.

Since his election to office another 792 people lost their lives in crashes involving unlicensed, suspended, and revoked licensed drivers. When do the numbers become sufficient for the politicians on New York to do the right thing?

But, we want to acknowledge Assemblyman Sweeny and Assemblyman Gabryszak. Assemblyman Sweeny sponsored A3275A which calls for the creation of felony level crimes of vehicular assault or homicide when the crash involves a driver with a suspended or revoked license. Assemblyman Gabryszak sponsored A2645, which calls for mandatory testing of breath, blood or urine in the event of a motor vehicle collision resulting in death or injury. We are pleased to see that some members of the Assembly do realize the importance of this legislation.

Our Mission:

Is to make sure that people who are the victims of the above mentioned drivers have someone that is willing to help them. To make sure that they understand their rights, that the prosecutors and courts do not make you aware of and by their actions deprive you of your rights.